Get a head start on the health of your newest patients

FORESITE 360 is the first and only genetic diagnostic service that puts the power of the complete genome in your hands, enabling you to provide a new level of proactive care for patients, now and in the future. This powerful new capability includes:

  • Clinical analysis on nearly 250 genetically linked, treatable conditions that may affect the patient, such as childhood metabolic disorders, immunodeficiencies, and cancers
  • Individualized information about the patient’s responses to over 40 common medication types, such as antibiotics, immunosuppressants, and anticonvulsants
  • Yearly re-analysis comparing the patient’s original sample against the latest genomic insights

Next-gen insights powered by the entire genome

FORESITE 360 uses a “sequence everything” approach when mapping a newborn’s genomic profile.

Parents receive a collection kit in the mail and collect a saliva sample from their newborn. The kit is returned to our genomic sequencing provider for analysis.

In about 6 weeks, parents receive a report of conditions that may not even be symptomatic yet. The report only highlights age-appropriate genetically-linked conditions which can be treated.

FORESITE 360 expands your care team

This leading edge genomic and insight service can be easily offered by any practice. FORESITE 360 combines best-in-class genomic sequencing, analysis, and counseling to provide a comprehensive service to clinicians and their patients.

CAP-accredited, CLIA-compliant clinical services lab

Collaborating with a world-renowned genomics research institute and clinical services lab.

National network of certified genetic counselors

Genome Medical is a virtual practice specializing in genetic services for parents who employ FORESITE 360. Genetic counselors walk parents through the initial report and answer questions.

Genetic Counselors can help incorporate genomic health into your practice. In addition to educating families on the human genome, they can collaborate with you on recommending next steps to parents, creating an infant’s health plan, and choosing treatments.

A lifetime of health information, 100% secure

No FORESITE 360 information or information about a newborn will be shared with anyone other than parents or legal guardians, their designated physician, and the personal genetic counselor. All information is 100% secure and private at every step of the process, including HIPAA-compliant, US-based storage of data.

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